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Sacred Couple Time: Weekend Get-away!

Dreaming of a break? You don’t have to look far, or get bogged down with detailed planning, or spend a chunk of those savings on touristy activities. Sometimes planning for a holiday seems as much work as, well – work. Between the office, household chores and the kids (if you have any), just the thought » Read More

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Guilty as Charged

As I sit here contemplating my topic for this month’s article, I’m surreptitiously eavesdropping on a conversation between 4 women seated just next to me in a bustling cafe. I was thinking about writing an update about my son’s daily 30 minute brain workout or why men don’t ever get asked about work-life balance, but » Read More

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The Negotiator And The Toddler

Samuel L Jackson. The guy who acted as Nick Fury in a whole bunch of Marvel movies. As Mace Windu in Star Wars. Who voiced Frozone in The Incredibles. But you know when this dude first caught my attention? For most people, it would be probably when he was in the movie Pulp Fiction. Not » Read More

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A Weekend to Celebrate

I realise that I’ve been blogging quite a bit about Cristan, but haven’t really written much about Caris. So this post will be focused entirely on our darling little girl, and a couple of firsts for her over the weekend! On Saturday, Caris celebrated her first-ever National Day! As the weather was good, we decided » Read More

1st August 2014 , Posted by Yi Lin - 4 Comments

Sisters In Motherhood

I checked in with a colleague recently on how she was coping with the perennial juggling act of handling career and motherhood. After exchanging tales on how things were going for each other, she wrapped up the short sharing session with, “Being a mother is not easy huh? Take care. Remember, we mothers can do » Read More

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Sailing trip to Nongsa, Batam

Earlier in June, we travelled to Nongsa, Batam for a short getaway with the family and extended family from Evelyn’s side.  We invited Evelyn’s parents to join us to sail together and they readily accepted the invitation. Apart from one other trip we did about three years ago to Swatow, China, this was probably the » Read More

25th July 2014 , Posted by Petrina Kow - 2 Comments

H.E.L.P my child and me

So it finally happened. After 6 months into Primary 1, my son has come home with the dreaded ‘my teacher told me I’m stupid’ virus. Now, this has never happened before in our household because my firstborn was mostly an exemplary student. These tales of ‘abusive’ teachers were just that! Fairy Tales! How could anyone » Read More

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The Magical Age of Three

Last week, while chatting with Tim, I was suddenly struck by how much Cristan has grown! Omigosh he’s THREE! How did time fly by so quickly???  Almost immediately, I once again felt a deep sense of joy and thankfulness for being able to be a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) for the last 2.5 years. Career can always » Read More

23rd July 2014 , Posted by Yi Lin - 5 Comments

The First Family Road Trip

As the saying goes, there’s a first for everything. This July saw me experiencing two big firsts: my maiden trip to Japan and a never-before-attempted family self-drive vacation. I had previously written about how one of the participants at a recent MaybeBaby dialogue on work-life matters asked whether travelling was still possible with baby in » Read More

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My Kids and My Social Media

I’ve been wanting to write about this for some time now. More precisely, since the first week of April, when a friend shared this link on Facebook. I’m guessing that she must have had many requests from well-meaning friends and family members to post pictures of her newborn online. For those who are too lazy » Read More

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