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Chef Cristan Makes Oreo Dirt Cakes!

Happy Teacher’s Day! This year, a sudden bout of energy, inspiration and general happiness led me to decide to make Teacher’s Day presents for Cristan’s preschool teachers. Now, you must understand that this is quite unusual for me because really, I’m pretty lazy about such things, and don’t even plan proper kiddy birthday parties for » Read More

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Ways To Fall In Love Again: 5 Lessons From Our Europe Trip

I’m glad I married someone who drives me up the walls at times… although to be honest, I find it fun to drive him up the wall and watch his reactions, and fall in love with him again. This July – August, we undertook an epic Europe trip with 3 friends. Everyone asks how the » Read More

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That exclusive sleep through the night

One of the things that people inevitably ask mums of newly born babies is , “Is he sleeping through the night yet?” I came to realise that sleep is an acquired skill only after I became mum to Kristen some 10 years ago when I had naively thought that babies were really pretty much humans, » Read More

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Parenting Superpowers

Parenting can require a superhuman level of effort. It can be like facing the villains from the Marvel AND DC universe all at once or having to take down the entire army of foot soldiers (and Shredder). Because I have often wondered where my kids get their paranormal strength, screaming fits and energy from. But yet, » Read More

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Bali Wedding Part 3: 30 Days to D-DAY

Our Bali cliff-top wedding party is now less than a month away! The cover photo of our private wedding Facebook event page Our villa is fixed, our sunset backdrop awaits, and it’s now on to preparing the party details. 6 months to D-DAY Wedding woes and villa hunting started 6 months before. We took a » Read More

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Money, Money, Money

This is going to be a tricky topic to write about, but let’s give it a shot anyway. At the very least, it’s going to be an honest one – which is what this blog has always been about. Let’s talk about money. I was chatting with my IVF girlfriends on Whatsapp while heading home » Read More

21st August 2014 , Posted by Tan Li Lin - 2 Comments

Sacred Couple Time: Weekend Get-away!

Dreaming of a break? You don’t have to look far, or get bogged down with detailed planning, or spend a chunk of those savings on touristy activities. Sometimes planning for a holiday seems as much work as, well – work. Between the office, household chores and the kids (if you have any), just the thought » Read More

20th August 2014 , Posted by Petrina Kow - 2 Comments

Guilty as Charged

As I sit here contemplating my topic for this month’s article, I’m surreptitiously eavesdropping on a conversation between 4 women seated just next to me in a bustling cafe. I was thinking about writing an update about my son’s daily 30 minute brain workout or why men don’t ever get asked about work-life balance, but » Read More

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The Negotiator And The Toddler

Samuel L Jackson. The guy who acted as Nick Fury in a whole bunch of Marvel movies. As Mace Windu in Star Wars. Who voiced Frozone in The Incredibles. But you know when this dude first caught my attention? For most people, it would be probably when he was in the movie Pulp Fiction. Not » Read More

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A Weekend to Celebrate

I realise that I’ve been blogging quite a bit about Cristan, but haven’t really written much about Caris. So this post will be focused entirely on our darling little girl, and a couple of firsts for her over the weekend! On Saturday, Caris celebrated her first-ever National Day! As the weather was good, we decided » Read More

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