23rd July 2014 , Posted by Yi Lin - 2 Comments

The First Family Road Trip

As the saying goes, there’s a first for everything. This July saw me experiencing two big firsts: my maiden trip to Japan and a never-before-attempted family self-drive vacation. I had previously written about how one of the participants at a recent MaybeBaby dialogue on work-life matters asked whether travelling was still possible with baby in » Read More

8th July 2014 , Posted by Dannie - No Comments

My Kids and My Social Media

I’ve been wanting to write about this for some time now. More precisely, since the first week of April, when a friend shared this link on Facebook. I’m guessing that she must have had many requests from well-meaning friends and family members to post pictures of her newborn online. For those who are too lazy » Read More

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There’s Work, there’s Life. There’s No Balance!

There’s Work. There’s Life. There is NO Balance. So much for Lean in. I don’t know if you read the recent article on Forbes.com where Pepsi-co CEO Indra Noori said that women having it all is just an illusion that comes with painful sacrifices and tradeoffs. Her candour on this much debated and rather prickly » Read More

3rd July 2014 , Posted by Yi Lin - 2 Comments

Missing Couple Time

I miss having couple time. It’s not because parenting duties have taken over our lives (although that is a debatable point…) Rather, it’s simply because my other half isn’t here. Dannie’s been away on an overseas work trip for the past 3 days. Yeah, sure, it’s been only THREE days, but it’s strange how empty » Read More

30th June 2014 , Posted by Tan Li Lin - No Comments

Maleficent: What my favorite fairytale taught me about babies

I got this in the mail recently: A pleasant surprise mention in the I Love Children’s Annual Report (together with that bird’s nest hairstyle that was SO last year) really made me pause and reflect: “Wow. 8 months has passed since I started blogging for MaybeBaby.” I’ve thought and talked about babies more in the » Read More

26th June 2014 , Posted by Mandy - No Comments

Surviving sans Support

Its been a week since the in-laws left, and I’ve SURVIVED as a mom of two young kiddos, without any additional help! Just give me a minute while I glow with pride! I know that many experienced (and amazing) moms, who have been doing this for years, may be thinking – “So what? Big deal!” » Read More

20th June 2014 , Posted by Yi Lin - No Comments

Nurture With Love – A Talent Education Philosophy

It was Year 2013 when Coco started school at 1.5 years old – barely months after she learnt how to walk. Back in 1983, I started school at the grand old age of 4. Sure, it’s only playgroup when they start at 18 months – they just play, sing, listen to stories, and dabble in » Read More

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It ain’t easy being No.2

Poor Caris…being the second child of the family is really tough. Right from the get-go, she’s got to wrestle for attention in a losing battle against her kor kor who is bigger, noisier, and more articulate. Unfortunately for her, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”, and Cristan usually succeeds in getting the lion’s share of » Read More

9th June 2014 , Posted by Tan Li Lin - No Comments

Exclusive (& enlightening) Q&A with an Award-winning Speech Therapist

I recently had the delightful opportunity to catch up with an amazing lady who touched my life years ago. Today, she runs a million-dollar practice specializing in speech therapy. Michelle Tham (in 2012) was the first runner-up in Yahoo’s Singapore 9 campaign that unearthed the nation’s future generation of young talent. More recently,  she won » Read More

29th May 2014 , Posted by Yi Lin - 5 Comments


A few weeks ago, soon after my third seizure occurred, I texted my IVF girlfriends on Whatsapp with a multiple choice question: Question: Imagine that you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that requires you to consume daily medication to keep the symptoms in check. The medication, when taken by pregnant women, is known » Read More

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