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If you’re naughty, the police will catch you!

 “If you eat too much candy, later the ants come and find you.” As parents, we are guilty of saying some pretty stupid things.  After all, how many times have you threatened to call the police on your kids, scared them into submission by using that security guard downstairs, or tried to get them to behave at a restaurant by saying that the waitress was watching? As if the waitress actually wields some sort of power, and the superhuman ability to make your child sit still obediently.  If she did, I will be first in line to bring my kids» Read More

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The Age of iParenting

Hands up those of you who have used electronic devices to ‘distract’ our kids whilst we attend to important business calls or even check Facebook? It is a common occurrence to see parents having a peaceful meal whilst the child has an iPad perched right in front of their dinner. This is usually coupled with some caregiver, usually the helper, deftly shoveling minced food into the mouths of these kids who are busy shooting flappy birds or slicing fruits like ninjas. Let me be the first to admit that I’m completely guilty of this. I have found myself more caught» Read More

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Getting Into The Act

Fans of Maybe Baby must have caught the new video that has been playing at their roadshow at Raffles Place last week. What?! You haven’t yet seen it?! *aghast*  Just kidding! You must – the video is lovely, and NOT just because it stars moi… and Dannie… and Coco… and Claire… and my sister… and Ronald. Uh huh. That’s right. Pretty much the whole family got into the act. It all happened when I Love Children called me during a weekday jaunt to the NTUC supermarket near my office (yes, I’ve joined the aunties shopping for groceries at Tanjong Pagar» Read More

23 September 2014, by Tan Li Lin - 1 Comment

Bali Wedding Part 4: Final Countdown in Paradise

You know you’re reading a good book when you’re down to the last few pages and suddenly, every page turn brings an odd mix of reluctance and anticipation. You slow your reading pace down. The words seem further apart. You relish the spaces between each line. After blazing through hundreds of pages to get to the end, there’s almost a dread that it’s over so fast. That’s the way I feel now 5 days to the wedding dinner. Over the last few weeks, busying myself with wedding preparations was part of my daily routine. Firming up the program, printing artwork,» Read More

22 September 2014, by Evelyn Tan - 2 Comments

Privileges and rewards

Many of us are probably not unfamiliar with the carrot and stick system— if you do something, you will get rewarded with something else.  I have been brought up pretty much the same way too, if I scored an A in the finals, then daddy will bring me to Sentosa, etc. Much has been said through parenting experts about the value of such a system that has seemingly worked wondrously for many parents, but to the detriment of children.  When the carrot is removed, will the child still be motivated to do things? Especially when it involves things that are» Read More

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10 Ways We Cope with Three Kids

One of the most common comments that the wifey and I get from either friends or strangers is this: “I don’t know how both of you do it with three kids!” Our response is usually to laugh it off and reply, “We just do it.” Because to be honest, I have never given it much of a serious thought. I won’t lie; having a family with three kids can be busy and hard work – and even more so if you have more than three! It is crazily tough, but crazily super at the same time. For us, parenting has» Read More

16 September 2014, by Yi Lin - 15 Comments

Family Fun At RWS Trick-Eye Museum

Last weekend, Resorts World Singapore (RWS) invited us to experience some photo fun at their Trick Eye Museum. Prior to the visit, I had caught glimpses of the exhibition through friends’ Facebook photos, and was amazed and bewildered at how they could be photographed as a gruesome beheaded dish in medieval times, or as one of Degas’ graceful dancers in his famous paintings. HOW DID THEY DO IT? Apparently, “trick eye” is short for “trick of the eye”, which refers to how 2D paintings are brought to life through the clever use of tricky art techniques that create optical illusions» Read More

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Chef Cristan Makes Oreo Dirt Cakes!

Happy Teacher’s Day! This year, a sudden bout of energy, inspiration and general happiness led me to decide to make Teacher’s Day presents for Cristan’s preschool teachers. Now, you must understand that this is quite unusual for me because really, I’m pretty lazy about such things, and don’t even plan proper kiddy birthday parties for my kids. So I don’t know if this is a new me, or just a phase that will soon pass. Anyway, I came across this idea for Oreo Dirt Cakes (dirt as in “soil”) on the internet and thought they would be perfect gifts for» Read More

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Ways To Fall In Love Again: 5 Lessons From Our Europe Trip

I’m glad I married someone who drives me up the walls at times… although to be honest, I find it fun to drive him up the wall and watch his reactions, and fall in love with him again. This July – August, we undertook an epic Europe trip with 3 friends. Everyone asks how the trip was and seemed appalled that I’d respond with “Ugh. Tiring!” Yes. Maybe traveling with 3 year old kids isn’t too different from traveling with 30 year old kids. “We don’t grow up; we just grow old.” We (literally) went through many ups and downs» Read More

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That exclusive sleep through the night

One of the things that people inevitably ask mums of newly born babies is , “Is he sleeping through the night yet?” I came to realise that sleep is an acquired skill only after I became mum to Kristen some 10 years ago when I had naively thought that babies were really pretty much humans, just smaller versions, so they should sleep when they feel tired..right? NO!!  For the first two years of parenthood for me, I was really a bolster to Kristen at night and was even waking up every 2-3 hourly to coax her back to sleep when» Read More