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Financial woes of Newlyweds: Our 5 Methods to Managing Our Cash Better

November was the month Ronald switched sides…. From being employed and enjoying a comfortable, secure 9-5pm job, to waking up everyday facing the unknown that comes with running his own business. The first, and biggest challenge in being your own boss is being disciplined. Suddenly, there seems to be so much time and freedom and the temptation to do what you want often pulls you to the dark side – sleeping, lounging around, playing games, going out, waking up late, pottering around. Of course, it also comes with new-found energy and capacity to do some things you’ve always wanted or» Read More

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老公和我几乎每个星期都会和他的姐姐一家人聚会。对新婚的我们而言,观察与协助姐姐照顾4岁和2岁的小孩,是很好的育儿预备班。 父母和小朋友说话,时常会不由自主将很多普通单字重叠起来。例如:“来,坐坐。”、“要乖乖哦。”、“给你吃糖糖。” 为什么要用叠字呢?是不是比较可爱?还是怕小朋友听不懂,所以要重复? 周末,和老公、姐姐及两个小侄儿一同出游,到动物园去。入场之前先在食阁吃早餐。小孩们吃了两口面包,就兴奋地绕着桌子跑,姐姐好言劝阻无效,于是厉声警告:“你们坏坏,妈妈要骂骂了。” 不知是语气还是重叠字的关系,这句话果然见效。哥哥弟弟乖乖坐坐,把早餐吃完。 新加坡动物园是一个老少皆宜的好去处,不但能够增广见闻与知识,学习爱护大自然,在绿地中步行,呼吸新鲜空气,也是不错的运动。园里的许多展示区也让访客近距离接触动物,还有精彩有趣的动物特技表演,其中大象的表演就很受欢迎。我们在开场几分钟前抵达演出场所,观众席已坐满了人。幸好其中一排位子还有一点空间,让两个小朋友舒服坐着看表演。 大象可爱聪明,大小观众看得入神。我的视线不经意转移到侄儿身上,他们也专注地看着表演。这时,弟弟无缘无故举起双手,环着坐在右手边的哥哥,紧紧抱住。 这一幕,让我动容。比起大人,小孩在表达爱时更直接更自然,也不需理由。 这个抱抱,“抱”字一定要重叠。因为,一个抱不足以形容抱抱里满满的、纯纯的、真真的爱。

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About Pei Fen

Born and raised in Singapore, lover of words and music, Pei Fen is a radio DJ with the number one radio station in Singapore, Mediacorp Radio Y.E.S. 93.3 FM, a Mandarin pop music station. Other than her weekday evening drive time radio show from 5-9pm, she hosts TV shows and events in English, Mandarin, or both. Voicing, acting, photography and writing are some of the other fun stuff she gets to do because of her job. She’s also seen in Mediacorp Channel U’s youth talk show Let’s Talk or Channel 5’s infotainment programme Secret Singapore. She’s a curious and (reasonably)» Read More

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Much Ado About Gender

When people came to know that I was carrying a girl during my pregnancy with Coco, some would inevitably quip, “First baby – doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or girl.” Inherent in that statement was that gender would matter when it came to subsequent children. Worse, some would say outright, “Never mind. Can try again for a boy next time.” One of my colleagues even insisted on dispensing advice on when to have sex so as to guarantee that we’d have a boy. “Sure work one,” she affirmed, “that’s what I did with my husband.” Mmmkaaaay. Ugh. Enough info» Read More

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Baking with the Kids

I absolutely love watching Masterchef Junior! Have you caught it yet? Featuring Gordon Ramsey and little home-cooks aged 8 to 12, it offers a dosage of inspiration while delivering a kick in (your) butt! Contestants of the cooking competition reality show – as Gordon likes to say – “might be small in size but pack a punch!” (He usually uses this on chillies though). The kids are challenged to cook restaurant-quality dishes. This means pink-centered steaks, perfect fried eggs, seafood, pies, 3-tiered cakes and even cooking in real restaurants! All under the pressure to think fast, think creative and act» Read More

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Chatterbox Claire

I’ve been blogging most recently about the pregnancy, and Coco and I picking up the cello. Let’s bring a little attention back to our second – and soon to be middle – child. (As I write this, I’m realising that the more kids you have, the more you have to juggle your resources to give them an equal amount of time and attention – even on this blog!) Back in January this year, I wrote about the sudden leap in Coco’s language development when she turned two and a half. At the end of the same entry, I noted that» Read More

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Expectations. Every parent has them, even if we try our best not to impose it on our children. And now that Cristan is getting older and his personality is becoming more defined, I’ve come to realise that I might have some mismatched expectations. All this introspection was triggered by Cristan’s preschool’s Christmas concert last week. I was really looking forward to watching his performance, and hoping that there would be some improvement from last year (when he stood stock still for the entire show). I mean, that shouldn’t be a tough act to top! But actually, I had already half-suspected» Read More

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SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift

As many of us may know, Singapore will be celebrating her 50th birthday next year. There are several SG50 initiatives going on now and one of them is the SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift. Every Singaporean baby born in 2015 will be given an SG50 Baby Jubilee Gift to celebrate their birth alongside with Singapore’s Golden Jubilee. This is a ground up initiative led by the National Population and Talent Division, meaning the gift ideas were contributed and selected by Singaporeans. This made the Gift a very meaningful one as it symbolises our collective blessings for the newborns next year. I have the great» Read More

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I guess by now most readers would have learnt that Dannie has, ahem, coughed up an entry on how we somehow managed to make a baby without the help of IVF. It’s been almost a month and a half since we first found out – a moment that remains fresh in my memory. It was around mid-October and I had been anticipating the onset of yet another dreaded seizure, which tended to coincide with the arrival of my period. I had commented to a colleague one Friday that my period was unusually late and she said, “Could you be…. pregnant?”» Read More

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About Jim

Jim is a father of 3 lovely children – Ethan (7 years old), Chloe (4 years old) and Brandon (2 years old) and blissfully married to his wife, Joanne for 10 years. Social Work brought him and his wife together as they met each other while pursuing their degrees in NUS. It was interesting that as neither of them wanted to be a Social Worker when they began our studies there! Although Jim had a difficult childhood, he always wanted to be a father when he was young. But he was also very afraid of what kind of father he» Read More