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Bali Wedding Final Day: How To Do Awesome Without Breaking The Bank

I could not have been happier with the outcome of our ‘Barefoot Bali Sunset Wedding’ that happened on 20th September. From villa hunting, to confirming our stunning location, preparations, and pre-wedding jitters, everything came together perfectly on our dinner day. Of course, it wasn’t perfect. We started late (when in Indonesia, do as the Indonesians), my make-up looked all ready for Halloween 2014, guests were shivering from the night sea breeze, main course was delayed because strong winds kept blowing the stove out, fire-dancers almost colliding into each other… But by ‘perfect’ I meant these little rustic inperfections didn’t overshadow» Read More

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Caris goes places!

Hooray! Caris finally got to go for her very first overseas trip! It was part of our annual family pilgrimage to Ipoh for All Souls’ Day. 3 years ago, Cristan had his inaugural trip to Ipoh for the exact same reason too. This time round, we decided to extend the trip a little bit, by going a little further up north to Penang as well. Georgetown seems to be quite a popular holiday destination for quite a few of my friends recently, judging from their Facebook updates, so I thought we should go check it out! The road trip started splendidly, with» Read More

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A, D, G, C

In my last entry, I wrote about how the girls are doing in childcare so far and in particular, Claire’s first taste of life in school. These days, it’s not just the little ones who are having lessons. It’s back to school for mum too! I’ve been learning how to play the cello! Exciting times, eh? The cello? How on earth did this happen? Okay, this isn’t a mid-life crisis happening here. I shared in my earlier entries that we’ve been attending music class with Nurture With Love since June last year. Yes, we have been singing, dancing, tapping, clapping and» Read More

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Girl’s Day Out. (G.D.O.)

Remember those days when you were a child and you can’t wait to grow up to be an adult? It always seemed like the adults were always telling you that you can’t do this or you can’t t do that, that you would have to wait till you were old enough before you could do certain things? Well I remember telling myself, when I become an adult, I would not exasperate my children that way and would in fact consider their requests and accede to them if they are reasonable. Like I remember when I was eight or so, I» Read More

6 November 2014, by Yi Lin - 2 Comments

These School Days (Part 4)

Wow! How time has flown since I last blogged about Coco starting school in March 2013 before Claire was born. And yet, it seems like she’s been going to school for years now and it’s hard to believe that she only started last year! 1.5 years on, guess whose turn it is to start school now? It’s hard to fathom that this little baby was just born LAST YEAR and she’s off to school now? The Preparations Preparations for Claire to join her big sister in school actually started with prepping Coco for full-day school. Prior to this, Coco was» Read More

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Lessons from Living with Kids

I’m going to honest. Am I a fan of children? Nope. Do I get possessed by ‘Kid Talk’ aka “Come come let Aunty bao bao!” every time I see kid? Nope. Am I experiencing the joy of children? Yes. We (Sis, BIL, nieces and hubby) recently were involved in a MEGA FUN film shoot for MaybeBaby’s ““Times May Have Changed But The Joy Of Parenthood Remains”. Have you seen it yet? The trick to looking like picture-perfect parents who have got everything together – a personal stylist. Woa. What’s this I woke up with? Several hours later, the ballooning doesn’t» Read More

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To car or not to car?

Our trusty metal stallion, ‘breathed’ its ‘final breath’ last week after having served us well for the last 9 and a half years. We have had her since Kristen was 3 months old and many of our family’s memories were made together with this car — like our numerous holidays up to Malaysia, the first trip home from the hospital for all three boys, etc;  so, in some ways, when the tow truck came for her, we were all a little sad. After a short period of ‘grieving’ , the next step of course was to ask ourselves ‘what next’? Do we» Read More

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Don’t Say Don’t

This is an entry about thinking and talking positive. No, I’m not going to be all preachy or trying to sound clever about the importance of adopting a positive psyche in child-raising. I’d just like to share a little anecdote from our recent conversations with Claire. At 18 months old, Claire is pretty competent at comprehending what we tell her or snippets of family conversations constantly taking place around her (when you have 10 people milling around the house all day, there’s always one or more conversations going on from 7 a.m. to 12 midnight daily.) The thing is – Claire» Read More

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An Interview With Myself

I turned 35 earlier this week. 35 is a rather strange age to be at. It dawned on me that from now on, I’d no longer belong to the category of the early thirties, and that every day after my 35th birthday, I’d be moving steadily into my late thirties. Isn’t this the phase where people have kids who are already in primary school and whose lives get overtaken by homework, tuition, CCAs, enrichment classes, etc. Uh huh, the parents’ lives, not just the kids’. I hear my older colleagues lamenting about PSLE and can’t quite empathise with the stress» Read More

13 October 2014, by Mandy - 2 Comments

Little Joys

Yes, it’s true, children are our little joys, but this post is not exactly about that. It’s actually about life as a stay-home mom. To be honest, things can get pretty routine, mundane, and well…boring! The only thing that keeps me sane is treasuring the little joys that each day brings. And so, here’s a list of some of the little things that I give thanks for: 1) Angel Baby I can hardly believe that Caris is now 8 months old! 2/3 of a year has already zoomed by, and as a stay-home mom, I have been able to enjoy» Read More