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About Camilla

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Camilla made her debut in Singapore in 2010 after living in both England and Buenos Aires with the love of her life. As a humour poet, MBA graduate, dancer, ideas person and life long traveller, her time in Singapore has truly been life changing. Here, not only did she help run a beauty brand, get married and have two adorable girls (Siena and Soma), but she also realised motherhood has completely changed her and her priorities for the rest of her life. To live joyously, creatively and helping others now directs her path,» Read More

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About Gerald Koh

What started as a lifelong dream of becoming a radio personality became a reality eight years ago for Gerald, who is now the resident evening radio DJ on Singapore’s Number Hit Music Station 987FM, an English radio station for the youths and the young at heart. Gerald dropped his familiar monika, Boy Thunder, when he joined 987FM because he felt that a new beginning always has its perks. Now better known as Gerald Koh, one half of The Bro Code, Gerald goes on air every weekday from 4pm to 8pm. Gerald’s other interests include traveling, being the first to snatch» Read More

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Celebrating 10 Years of Good Causes

October, being the 10th month of the year, seems to be the perfect time to celebrate 10-year anniversaries! Singapore Cord Blood Bank and I Love Children, two wonderful organisations which I support, both turned 10 years old this year, and I had the privilege to attend both their celebrations this month! On 16 October, Singapore Cord Blood Bank (SCBB) held their 10th anniversary celebration at the Health Promotion Board Auditorium. The evening began with a lovely song tribute “Hero”, by beneficiary Ms Alice Wong. During the performance, a photo slideshow of her story was shared. To my surprise, I realised» Read More

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Caris starts school!

In the blink of an eye, my teeny weeny baby has turned 18 months old! And that means she can finally start attending playschool! The playschool that Cristan and Caris are attending starts the new school term this week, which is rather strange isn’t it, because it is school holidays for everybody else. Pardon Caris’ unkempt hairstyle. I had wanted to tie her hair into two cute ponytails, but she cried and pulled them right off after I had finished tying them! So I guess she prefers her hair just the way it is. All the better for me since» Read More

23 July 2015, by Mandy - 2 Comments

Tandem everything!

I had blogged about tandem nursing before, and in case you were wondering, yes, that is still going strong and working wonderfully! But I now realise that the “tandem” concept – doing things at the same time – is THE secret to remaining sane and getting anything accomplished at home! I mean, it only makes sense when I’m managing 2 kiddos on my own for most of the day. So its tandem baths, tandem naps, and yes, tandem nursing. There’s really no other way to get everything done! Perhaps its also a way to treat both kids as fairly as» Read More

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Playing with Elliott

It’s been such a long time I have penned my blog entries, I must start today’s with a BIG apology! Between homeschooling the kids, running the family and doing a little part time hosting work here and there, I have so little time left for myself it’s a wonder if I can still do what the title of my blog says. But yes, play I must! Why? Not just to bond with my child but also because – I remember this from my early childhood education course – play is work for their little minds because as children play, their» Read More

1 July 2015, by Yi Lin - 3 Comments

The Littlest Miracle

As promised, I’m popping back in on the blog to share some happy news with our readers. Baby Candace arrived on 15 June and join her sisters in completing our sweet trio of Cho Colette & Claire & Candace (geddit, geddit?! :D) We can still scarce believe that this little one came to us after two IVF babies (making this strangely similar to a ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ supermarket promo, no?) She is indeed our littlest miracle.

29 June 2015, by Mandy - 3 Comments

Cristan’s 2-Week Birthday Celebrations

Cristan is 4 years old! Woohoo! We spent most of the month of June celebrating his birthday in multiple mini-celebrations. 4 celebrations, in fact, for our darling 4-year old! After his 2nd birthday party, we decided that instead of having one big party, we should do smaller, separate celebrations with different groups of people who matter to him. The big advantage of celebrating his birthday this way, is it allows him to spend quality time with each small group. This is also less overwhelming and tiring than a big party, and seems to suit his rather introverted personality better. We kick-started the» Read More

24 June 2015, by Tan Li Lin - 1 Comment

Breastfeed and Lose Weight

And with that eyebrow-raising title, we kick off this (research-driven) blog entry with amazing news. The summer brought to our household a newborn gnat! She joins the other two in bringing chaos and destruction Joy, smiles and peaceful nights. But that’s not the reason I’m writing on this topic. Two months ago, I found myself agreeing to join a local tech company as a curriculum developer. The amazing team has developed and rolled out an App that helps women lose weight and stay fit. My first project was to write – a breastfeeding module for new Moms. I had no» Read More

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Reasons To Argue With Your Husband

The last 1 month of my marriage resembled vaguely a superhero movie plot. It all started when my mother-in-law was admitted to hospital after suffering a stroke. While she has made a 80-90% recovery since, it is inevitable that things will change. Ronald had to step in to put order into the family situation to ensure finances were taken care of while his mother recovers, which includes cleaning up the place and releasing a room to rent out and setting daily routines for her medication and exercise. All this whilst managing his new business. Just when everything had settled, his» Read More