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Kids Meet Winter

Have kids; will travel. It’s an addiction that we cannot kick, as masochistic a practice as it is. It’s almost a form of self-induced stress and yet we find delight in it. Since Coco was born, we’ve gradually levelled up on our travel experiences, starting with nearby places before moving on to further destinations; flying with one kid and then two; staying put in one resort before attempting a more ambitious road trip. This time, we took things a notch further by taking a family vacation in WINTER. Encouraged by our pretty successful family road trip in Hokkaido last July,» Read More

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Romantic weekend getaway @ Village Hotel Changi

As newly-weds, it is difficult to get quiet time away. Even though Ronald and I both work from home, we hardly get any privacy of our own. In our dating years, that would take the form of staycations, for obvious reasons. However since we got married, our financial priority shifted towards saving for our house and our future. Overtime, it seemed like we put our romance and intimacy on hold for a more practical reasons; daily stress got in the way of quality intimacy. So, we were thrilled when Village Hotel Changi offered to host us for a night… a» Read More

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OMG, my boy is already 15 months old?!!

Hello there! It has been awhile since I have written — boy have I been busy! With kids falling sick one after another (that usually happens isn’t it?), wrapping up the previous year with Christmas celebrations and then preparing for Kristen’s 10th birthday on new year’s day and finally getting plans and preparation underway for the the children’s academic year ahead (I homeschool in case the new readers don’t know.); the last couple of months really just flew past in a blur and we are now already at the end of January 2015! Golly, time really flies! I didn’t realize» Read More

4 February 2015, by Yi Lin - 7 Comments

Pregnancy: The Old & The New

Last week, I went for my 20th-week detailed scan. I’m happy to share that our baby girl is growing well and on track for her expected arrival in mid-June. After the scan, I revisited my old blog entries where I wrote about the 20th-week scans when I was pregnant with Coco and Claire. Given how awful my memory is nowadays, it’s really nice to have these old entries to fall back on to remember our parenthood journey in the last 5 years. It makes the effort that goes into maintaining this blog really worth it. Reading my entries on pregnancy» Read More

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Romantic Staycation at Changi: Deliciously Quiet

As newly-weds, it is difficult to get quiet time away. Even though Ronald and I both work from home and spend 3/4 of the day together, we hardly get any privacy of our own. We currently stay with my parents, and my siblings.. and my brother in law.. and two nieces aptly named ‘Drama & Destruction’… and a helper who potters around us the whole day. Believe it or not, my room is all glass and the blinds don’t help. Yes, you can see right THROUGH it. My floor is made from wood (I’m relegated to the attic) and everyone» Read More

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Happy Together

The Turtles: “Imagine me and you, and you and me…” During courtship, the image is always rosy, like the song. But when you no longer have to imagine, when “me and you and you and me” every day is a reality, being happy together certainly takes more effort than “ba ba ba ba ba ba “. Despite having dated for 10 years, my husband W and I are still learning how to not merely co-exist in tolerance, but live happily with each other. And sleep well with each other. Sleep has always been a tricky business for me. I’m a terribly» Read More

22 January 2015, by Yi Lin - 1 Comment

The Entry With No Point

(Warning: This entry contains mostly rambling. I started writing it without knowing where it’s heading.) Recently, I’ve been getting an itch. No, not that strange itch that has suddenly plagued my torso, which according to Baby Center, could be either pruritic urticarial papules and plagues of pregnancy (PUPPP) or prurigo of pregnancy (PP)… I know right?! Pruri-WHAT? That’s something that I would need to check with my gynae when I see her next week. Hopefully it’s just a common rash brought upon by our fast-heating up January weather after the lovely, cool December we had last year. The itch that» Read More

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Trap & Reflect

This is my first blog post of the year. Time really flies and we are actually nearing the end of January! Anyway, my year started with a very interesting event. I was bringing my family for dinner one day. We needed to take a lift to the food court as it was on the 2nd floor. As we were about to enter the lift, my eldest child, Ethan, wore a concerned look on his face. “Daddy…” I began to get a bit worried when I heard him call me with a cautious tone in his voice. “The lift floor is» Read More

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Keep Calm and Parent On – 5 Tips to Stay Sane!

Wow, another year has gone by! Hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas and New Year festivities, and here’s wishing you all a happy, healthy and lovely 2015! I’m not really in the habit of making resolutions, but for this year, I decided to focus on a personal goal of KEEPING CALM. It’s definitely a stretch target for me, as a stay-home mom with two little munchkins intent on tearing down the house every waking minute, and with Cristan becoming ever more cheeky. While his “Terrible Twos” are thankfully behind us, I’m now facing the age of the “Mischievous Munchkin”, and Cristan’s» Read More

8 January 2015, by Yi Lin - 4 Comments

Learning The ABCs

Happy New Year, everyone! We opened the new year in many a fun way. 1 Jan 2015 started on a high with a spot of kite-flying at an open field near home. Over the weekend, we headed to Pasir Ris Park with friends and found it to be a MUCH better venue for flying our kite! While indoor playgrounds are my personal nightmare, we also let the kids crawl, roll, run, climb wild at Kidz Amaze at SAFRA Toa Payoh, ending the day with a chicken rice dinner with friends (because No.3 LOVES chicken rice.) On 2 Jan, I attended» Read More