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Pre-baby Thoughts

I’m well into my 19th week of pregnancy and happy that life is pretty much ‘back to normal’, except for the spongy nudges I get in my uterus when I’m drifting to sleep, or watching TV, or trying hard to snooze (most of the time it’s amusing, sometimes it makes me feel a bit seasick from the inside). It feels good to be able to work again (does doing research on our upcoming Babymoon count as work?) – although I find myself getting annoyed that I’m back to my old habit of hunching over the computer for long hours until» Read More

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For the record…

“The days are long, but the years are short” I love this quote (and the below video, both by Gretchen Rubin) about parenting. It is so true, and at times I would pause and marvel at how that itty bitty baby boy I was just holding in my arms, not too long ago, has suddenly transformed into a walking, talking, absolutely mischievous monkey! In fact, I sometimes wish I could just freeze time and have my munchkins stay this way forever! But since that’s not possible, snapping tons of photos is the only way I can capture all these lovely» Read More

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Two kids at home this week!

This week Siena has been home as there are a few cases of HFMD at school. We’ve so far spent our days baking cookies (aka eating flour) swimming (aka pretending to be mermaids) and doing a few trips to the library (aka trying to kill a rainy morning). It’s been really cool as its shown me how much Siena has matured since starting school. All day long she sings (in Mandarin!), counts, read stories and pretend plays. To be honest our normal routine feels like an absolute blur right now with a 6 month and 3 year old (get up, walk Siena to school, take care of Soma. Siena comes» Read More

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We Are Not Babysitters

I recently stumbled upon an article where Rosie, a wife and mother, describes very well how a father is often seen as incapable of being a parent. It is generally accepted that mothers are the primary caregivers while the father, fades in and out some where in the background. When it come to fathers looking after their children, terms like “parent” is never used, but “babysitting his own kids” is. As a family, parenting is done together, as a couple. You bear a child together, which means you share the responsibilities of raising the child. That includes things like feeding, changing the diaper and» Read More

15 April 2016, by Peifen - 5 Comments

The Trip and The Wrap

These days, dinnertime is when the hubby and I would hold our little “family meeting”. I use quotation marks because it’s not really a meeting in the strictest sense of the word. Now that we are parents, this is basically the only time we have to chat with each other, so the “meeting agenda” includes everything and anything – what happened at work, what happened outside work, news headlines, thoughts and views on life, and, of course, Luke. A recent recurring topic (brought up by me most of the time) is our first trip overseas with Luke. Hubby: “Are we» Read More

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6 months after

6 months on… IT’S BEEN 6 MONTHS!! Time didn’t just fly, it kinda teleported.. It felt like it was just a few days back when we were so nervous thinking of which music to choose for the string quartet to play when we walked down the aisle. But yes, October 3rd was the Church Wedding and it has been 6 months of being officially husband and wife. We’ve always been asked by friends, 1) how different is it being married? 2) so when are you gonna have a baby? 3) when is the house coming? 4) which school are you» Read More

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Mindful Parenting

I just got back from a 10-day Mindfulness getaway. I had to surrender my phone, laptop and all digital devices that may distract me from being in the present. The initial few days were agonising and I had huge withdrawal symptoms. I felt so “cut off” from the rest of the world. Suddenly, I had so much time at my disposal. It felt uneasy. It was very difficult to stay in the present. What is Mindfulness? From my learning, it means to pay attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgementally. It is about» Read More

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A Lazy Phuket Trip: The Cure To Post Trimester 1 Trauma!

Now at 15 weeks pregnant, I’ve finally graduated from a horrid Trimester 1 plagued with fatigue, Acid Reflux, digestion problems and – the worst – massive nausea and the loss of appetite. I spent much of the last 10 weeks hidden under the sheets with the air-condition on, eating crackers, turning down paid work and avoiding people. I alternated between worrying others don’t understand what I’m going through (feelings of guilt) to not caring any less what the world wants from me. My daily purpose was to figure out what I could put into my stomach that day without feeling» Read More

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Let ‘em Play!

“Play is the work of children” I love this quote by Jean Piaget, a clinical psychologist known for his pioneering work in child development. Plenty of research and early childhood studies have shown that children thrive when they are given free rein to play, explore and experience the world around them. I fully agree with this philosophy, and sometimes feel like the “odd mom out” in pressure cooker Singapore, where parents are usually more concerned about the academic progress of their children. Then again, my children are not yet in primary school, so perhaps I just haven’t gotten into the» Read More

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Holiday Partners

I’ve always loved going on holidays! Seriously… who doesn’t??! When I was a lot younger, I’ve never actually travelled. The number of times I took a boat or boarded a plane was probably three? Yup! That probably explains why it’s becoming a bit of a wanderlust problem I’m suffering from now!! I CAN’T STOP!! Now… going on a holiday could be a tricky problem to some ALL of us. Especially when you’re not on a solo trip. ie: GROUP vacation!! Problems arise as early as before you even board the plane! Where/what to eat… Sightseeing Vs Shopping… Wake up call time… Waiting for» Read More