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Destiny’s Child(ren)

Ronald and I recently visited a Ba Zi Master to have our ‘destiny’ charts deciphered. Boy, were we in for a shock. I’ve had Feng Shui friends do casual readings for me before, but this was the first time Ronald and I were going to engage a Master to do it, in a 1-to-1 consultation. Our life now is pretty different from just 3 years ago – marriage, financial commitments, changing family dynamics, health and with us both running businesses, we wanted to seek assurance in planning for our family and future. Engaging some expert views will help us understand» Read More

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The Foodie Mum-to-be list

I’m a foodie, and these past 7 months of being pregnant has been a tasty journey of relishing some great foods in Singapore, thanks to the hubby who insists I eat the best of what I crave. For that, I give him a… …thumbs up! Mums-to-be, if you have a craving for any of the following, this list will help you know where to go to satisfy it. Of course, even if you are not a mum-to-be, but simply love to eat, you ought to check them out too, if you haven’t. 1) Fishball noodles This is my favourite Dry Mee Kiah» Read More

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To Bully Or Not To Bully

My eldest child, Ethan, is attending a school that just started three years ago. I love the idea of literally growing with the school. The school uniform has not even been designed and my son has been wearing his PE attire since his enrolment. Similarly, the school song was co-written with the parents’ input over one year. Ethan is now in Primary Two and we are on a beautiful journey of growing together with the school. It is with this spirit of growing and partnering that I am writing on a potentially sensitive topic – bullying. Ethan has the unfortunate experience of being» Read More

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Independent Boy = Happy Mom

Recently, it struck me that Cristan has become extremely independent in his daily self-care routines. His preschool teacher even mentioned this in his end-of-term report. I think this is probably quite common in families with more than one child (and no helper/ other caregivers), where the older child is expected to be more independent because mommy has to attend to the younger one. While Cristan is now able to do many tasks on his own, it certainly doesn’t mean he would do them willingly, and most definitely not immediately when asked. There is still a fair bit of nagging, cajoling» Read More

15 April 2015, by Yi Lin - 9 Comments

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

This is going to be a really short entry. It will also be my last entry on Maybebaby. As I’ve shared with the folks at I Love Children, when Dannie and I first started blogging in March 2010, we were more than happy to invite readers to join us on our rocky road to parenthood. We shared our challenges with fertility, meticulously recorded the events of every hospital visit, opened our hearts to hope and disappointment and finally, celebrated the joy of parenthood with our online audience. 5 years on, we have been blessed with 2 lovely daughters via IVF» Read More

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B for…

1) Big I’m almost 6 months along now, and unlike the genetically-blessed, slender, beautiful mums-to-be envied by all other pregnant ladies, I am one of the other pregnant ladies: big, round and heavy. I had to change to maternity wear earlier than expected, because I was bloating like a Michelin Man balloon, thanks to my greatly increased appetite and higher levels of progesterone. Even before the second trimester, I had to start saying goodbye to my skinny jeans, bodycon dresses, fitted frocks and tiny tops. They are now stored in two huge transparent Ikea boxes beside my bed, and as much as I’m determined to» Read More

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Our Much Awaited…

HONEYMOON(!!) has finally been booked. Maybe it should be more like, MY much-awaited honeymoon. Every time I bring up the topic and look over at Ronald excitedly, he’d sigh heavily and I’d know he’s thinking of finances. This time around, we pounced on the recent SQ promo, grabbed Life by the horns and just went for it. Seriously hubz, dude… Money can be earned by your honey ain’t getting younger. We’ve been traveling a little since we got married (back in Nov 2013) – Malaysia, Shanghai, Bali (twice, once for our dreamy wedding), Europe and Japan just recently. But all» Read More

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The Great Leap Upwards

I googled “songs about jumping” to try to find something smart as a POINT TO THIS BLOG ENTRY, only to find that list quite surprisingly long, including – Protect Ya Neck (The Great Jumpoff) – WuTang Clan Which Way Should I Jump? – Milltown Brothers Jump In The River – Sinead O’Connor Jump In My Car – David Hasselhoff (??!) Jump Up In The Air And Stay There – Erykah Badu feat. Lil Wayne Jump Then Fall – Taylor Swift We certainly jumped and fell (but no cars, rivers, necks or hovering involved unfortunately). Jumping right to it, the point» Read More

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I’m a PSLE Mom!

There comes a time in every Singaporean mother’s life when she gets to test her strength and show her true colours. When she gets to quit her job, roll up her sleeves and plunge it straight into stacks of assessment books and yell out this battle cry. This year, it’s my turn and I’m wearing it like a badge of honour. Well, not really. Quite honestly, I don’t see what the big fuss is. People give me this look when I tell them how old my daughter is. This ‘poor you, how stressed you must be’ look. And for those» Read More

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Our Best 25 Hours Indoor To Date… @ Oasia Hotel Singapore

Least you expect this to be yet another “staycation blog post raving about – duh – how good the hotel is“, I’ll confess upfront that I have nothing negative to report. Oasia Hotel ranks amongst one of the top staycations Ronald and I have experienced over our 3 years of dating. (Why romantic staycations are much-needed nowadays >>> read my previous entry) Honestly, I’d be happy spending time with Ronald just about anywhere. But it makes heck a lot of difference when a host understands such sacred time isn’t one to take for granted. Have you ever had an experience of» Read More